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As a writer, yoga teacher, and anthropologist, I found myself drawn to the worlds that found a balance between passion and serenity. I started researching the world of BDSM in 2015, fascinated by taboos and subcultures. I had been asleep, unaware that there was so much more in the world than what I had been taught. I had lived a life where people shamed you for being different, and where sex was an "inappropriate" conversation to have. 

I started using my researcher skills to ask the right questions, and I learned how valuable communities that invited self-exploration are, how toxic shame is to individuals and groups. I wanted to help others, and I wanted to help my self live a full and expressive life.

I studied with Dominatrixes, interviewed sex therapists, joined sex positive communities, read voraciously, and slowly became an expert -at least, to many. In actuality, I'm an expert at asking questions. I'm not afraid of discovering that my perception wasn't completely accurate. It's only through our failures that we truly learn.

If you're starting over, or if you're starting new, let me tell you this: IT'S NEVER TOO LATE TO LIVE! Everything you thought you couldn't have... is possible, with the right guidance.
Today, I coach people on polyamory, divorce-recovery, kink, communication, queerness, and love. 

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My name is Bryn, and I help people live and love authentically!


“Happiness, not in another place but this place, not for another hour but this hour”

Walt Whitman



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What Clients Have Said


The first time I met Bryn, she was writing articles for our company website. She was trying to get an interview, and I was avoiding her. I was very introverted, personally closed off, afraid to be seen, and anticipated nothing but embarrassment. One day she made eye contact with me in passing, and I knew she would get her interview. What I experienced from her in that interview felt completely real. Bryn drew things out of me that I didn’t think I would ever share, and I was glad to share them. It wasn’t just her skills, it was her presence and honesty.
When I later learned she did intimacy coaching, I signed up right away. So much has changed since then. It wasn’t so much what she taught me, it was how she challenged me to actually do things, and the example she set. She always brought me back to the moment. Bryn got me making eye contact, which had always been a struggle, but soon became natural and easy. She also had me expressing my truth, not what I thought others wanted, without judgement or pretense.
I have worked with other coaches, read countless books which would talk endlessly about such things. Like learning a foreign language by reading, they seldom helped. Bryn showed me, presence and acceptance in the moment, so now I recognize it, and know how to call it forward in myself, and find it in others. I realized that intimacy begins and ends by being intimate with myself, and without that, there is no intimacy with another.
Sexuality was not my main focus, but again Bryn made it easy to explore and learn. What turns me on, what does not. What is available should I want it, along with a primer on consent culture, and that intimacy comes in infinite forms if I am open to it. I went on to study things I never knew of before, simply because nobody had suggested them. She made sex into a normal thing to talk about openly with the right people.
So how did that article she wrote about me turn out? It was on point and brought me into focus in a way I never expected. I really do have a lot to offer. Now I can get it out there for the ones I love. There will always be much more to do, but she helped open a way forward.

John Duval

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