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My Path To A Life of Love

As a writer, yoga teacher, and anthropologist, I found myself drawn to the worlds that found a balance between passion and serenity. I started researching the world of BDSM in 2015, fascinated by taboos and subcultures. I had been asleep, unaware that there was so much more in the world than what I had been taught. I had lived a life where people shamed you for being different, and where sex was an "inappropriate" conversation to have. 

I started using my researcher skills to ask the right questions, and I learned how valuable communities that invited self-exploration are, how toxic shame is to individuals and groups. I wanted to help others, and I wanted to help my self live a full and expressive life.

I studied with Dominatrixes, interviewed sex therapists, joined sex positive communities, read voraciously, and slowly became an expert -at least, to many. In actuality, I'm an expert at asking questions. I'm not afraid of discovering that my perception wasn't completely accurate. It's only through our failures that we truly learn.

If you're starting over, or if you're starting new, let me tell you this: IT'S NEVER TOO LATE TO LIVE! Everything you thought you couldn't have... is possible, with the right guidance.
Today, I coach people on polyamory, divorce-recovery, kink, communication, queerness, and love. 

Follow me on Instagram @kinkyyogi.Bryn for daily short life hacks, join my Facebook group Level Up Your Love to learn more about how to live your biggest and best love life, join a workshop, or -even better- sign up for a free consultation today!

My name is Bryn, and I help people live and love authentically!

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